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Writing And Rewriting The Holocaust
Writing And Rewriting The Holocaust
Narrative And The Consequences Of Interpretation

Author:James E. Young

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Number of Pages:256


A Choice Outstanding Academic Book of 1989
". . . a fresh critical model for students of Holocaust literature and historiography . . . " —B'nai B'rith Messenger

"This is the first and most sophisticated attempt I have come across to apply modern literary theory to Holocaust material, and the act of mediation which it involves is worthy of praise." —Naomi Diamant, Prooftexts

"This is an authoritative and comprehensive, critical study covering all aspects of the remembrance of the Holocaust. James E. Young has written an exhaustive work, analyzing the many forms in which the Holocaust has been dealt with . . . " —AJL Newsletter

"The first truly critical as well as comprehensive study of Holocaust narratives. . . . No one has clarified so well the 'texture of memory'." —Geoffrey Hartman

" . . . a fascinating study. . . . thought provoking and elegantly written . . . " —Holocaust and Genocide Studies

"A brilliant performance." —The Book Reader

" . . . meticulously crafted and documented . . . far outranks the multitude of new titles on Holocaust topics." —Choice
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