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We Are Still Here
We Are Still Here
Memoirs Of A Child Survivors

Author:Rebecca Nissel

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In We Are Still Here Nissel has compiled a collection of short essays that paint a vivid picture of her family''s history, essays that are based upon her own experiences and those of other family members. In these essays, Nissel provides insights into what life was like in pre-war Romania and Hungary, and she describes what happened to various family members during the Holocaust. The terrifying experiences that her parents endured make up the bulk of these Holocaust reminiscences, but these reminiscences are only a part of a greater whole. This is a book about a family that covers five generations. It begins before the war, describes her parents wartime experiences, and then explores what came after the war and how her family was reborn from the death and destruction that had decimated European Jewry. Within these essays, Nissel provides insights into why her parents chose to remain in Austria after the war and what life was like growing up in a city where so many Jews were recently rounded up and sent to their deaths. Nissel also introduces us to her own children and grandchildren and gives us an intimate glimpse into their lives.