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Shemonah Perakim
Shemonah Perakim
A Treatise On The Soul

Leonard S. Kravtiz
Kerry M. Olitzky

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Shemonah Perakim - also called Eight Chapters - served as Maimonides' introduction to his commentary on Pirke Avot. Focusing on such themes as virtue, vice, ethics, God, and free will, the text not only adds further layers of meaning to the study of Pirke Avot but also gives Valuable insight into the philosophy of Maimonides. In Shemonah Perakim, editors Olitzky and Kravitz have continued their trend of academic excellence by including translations of the original text, original commentaries, mini-essays on elated topics, and related gleanings from modern sources. The text also includes a biographical appendix on Maimonides.