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Sabbath Day Of Eternity
Sabbath Day Of Eternity

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An introduction to the underlying thought and ideology of the Sabbath and a survey of its laws and customs presented in a concise, straightforward manner. Special emphasis on "why keep the Sabbath", the meaning of the Sabbath rest, and the "39 categories of work".

Why is the Sabbath the only religious observance mentioned in the Ten Commandments? Why does the Talmud call the Sabbath "a taste of the world to come?"

Why is the Sabbath gaining adherents in an age of rapidly expanding technology? How can we explain the mysterious hold of the Sabbath over the Jew? What is the connection between the Sabbath, belief in G-d, affirmation of G-d as the Creator of all things, the Exodus from Egypt and the coming of the Messiah?

Sabbath--Day of Eternity, By Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, answers these and many more questions about the day that is the heart of Jewish existence, offering explanations, philosophy and a concise guide to Sabbath observance.