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Phases of Jewish History (S/C)
Phases of Jewish History (S/C)
Raphael Cutler
Philip Ginsbury

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Just as the moon waxes and wanes, so too civilizations pass through stages of birth, growth, and decline. But only the Jewish nation has continued this cycle from generation to generation, mimicking the eternal cycles of the moon. This fact-filled volume explores the history of the Jewish people in a unique and readable way, taking us from Biblical times to the present. Each of the phases deals with 500 years of history and depicts not only the political, economic and social forces that kept the Jewish people alive and vibrant, but also the leading figures who significantly affected the course of Jewish history. The authors take us from the period of the Patriarchs through Moses, David, and the birth of the Jewish People, then on to the period of the prophets and kings, Ezra and the Great Assembly, the Talmudic period, the Geonim, Rishonim, the Inquisition, Achronim, the two World Wars, and the State of Israel. Includes a detailed index.