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Mat'amei HaMikrah (Hebrew)
Mat'amei HaMikrah (Hebrew)
Mitkonim B'Nichoach Parshat Hashavua

Author:Orechet Dafi Forer-Kramer

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This book tries to combine the two subjects that have no apparent connection between them: Parsha commentary and recipes. Solution: Create a connection between the weekly Torah portion recipes that sometimes works and sometimes not.

Thus, while the Book of Genesis you will find recipes for appetizers, Exodus - soups and additions, and Vayikra - a main course, Bamidbar - deserts, Devarim - cakes and cookies. And also the chapter devoted to the holidays, of course, with recipes for dishes and festive meals.

Among celebrities who contributed to the book: Rabbi Dr. Benny Lau, Dr. Zvia Walden, poet Hava Pinhas - Cohen, illustrator Gift Tz'rka, Smadar Shir, Kobi Oz - and many others. Absolutely remarkable success of collecting a variety of editor writers.

Hard Cover. 176 pages.