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Kiddush Hashem
Kiddush Hashem
Jewish Religious And Cultural Life In Poland During The Holocaust

Author:Shimon Huberband

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Number of Pages:474

Hard Cover


This work is an authoritative translation from Yiddish of the Holocaust archival materials collected and written by Huberband, a young Orthodox rabbi and historian who was killed in Treblinka in 1942. Huberband recalls his own harrowing experiences under the Nazis. But particularly significant and constituting the majority of the work are his revelations about Jewish religious life under the Nazis: the glory and heroism of Jews who maintained their religious culture, the world of the Yeshivas, etc. A scrupulous eyewitness account, this is an invaluable resource for traditional Polish Jewish life under the Nazis. Highly recommended for scholars and serious students of the Holocaust. Benny Kraut, Judaic Studies Dept., Univ. of Cincinnati

Yeshiva University Press