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Jewish Legal Writings by Women
Jewish Legal Writings by Women
Micah D. Halpern
Chana Safrai

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Jewish Legal Writings by Women is a revolutionary publication marking the first time in history where women are writing Jewish legal texts.

This collection of seventeen original articles on Jewish Law (Halakha) by contemporary religious women from around the world is a monumental step for women as well as for Judaism. These authors are the product of the first generation of women to have studied Jewish legislation. They have studied at Yeshivot and in seminaries, in small private classes led by legal experts and Rabbis, in university Talmud departments, and rabbinical advocate programs. In past generations there have only been individual women who attained a degree of respect in this realm. As far as is known, there is no record of any legal discourses by them.

Previously unchartered territory by women, this collection shows that women can, and do, contribute to the moral and authentic religious positions for the Jewish people.