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Fire Unextinguished
Fire Unextinguished
Author:Aviva Woznica

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Number of Pages:258



“Very well-wrought!” -Alan Adelson, author, filmmaker “Intriguing, dealing with a difficult subject with sensitivity.” -Miriam Zakon, editor-in-chief, Targum Press " A moving and inspiring story....It is a book that is impossible to put down. I recommend it highly." -Professor Irving Abella, Shiff Chair of Canadian Jewish History, York University & author of ´None is Too Many.´ “It was if mankind had been placed into a spinner of sorts to be whirled about; its generating centrifugal force separating its components, thrusting them out against opposite walls, clearly marking who was who. The world’s usual indistinguishable grey had slipped away, revealing the black and the white, the evil and the good. The truth was there for all to see—if they would only look!”

This book was placed as a finalist by 2009 Indie Book Awards