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Balancing Work And Love
Balancing Work And Love
Jewish Women Facing The Family-Career Challenge

Author:Elaine Grudin Denholtz

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Number of Pages:202

Hard Cover


This is a pathbreaking book of true stories about American Jewish working women coping with the triple stress of jobs, families, and maintaining a Jewish outlook. Elaine Grudin Denholtz talks to single women, married women, lesbians, single moms, divorced women, workaholics, volunteers, feminists, and deeply religious women about deadlines and dating, carpools and commissions. Raised to be good Jewish mothers, these women describe the enormous difficulty of doing justice to both family and job. They speak candidly of compromises and accommodations, but also of strategies to get the most out of a twenty-four-hour day.

Offering intimate portraits of Jewish families at home and at work, at prayer and at play, Balancing Work and Love provides a clear-eyed look at the American Jewish family, touching on themes relevant to all working women. Denholtz's book will become part of a national conversation about how working women can combine their many roles to attain the best advantage for themselves, their families, and their professions.

University Press Of New England