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Animal Kingdom in Jewish Thought (The)
Animal Kingdom in Jewish Thought (The)
Author:Shlomo Pesach Toperoff

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The Animal Kingdom in Jewish Thought addresses several areas of life in which the animal world plays a dominant role, all of which are steeped in Jewish law, custom, and tradition. Shlomo Toperoff presents a detailed study of sixty-five different species of animals, all found in the Bible and reviewed in Alphabetical order.
The first chapter begins by enumerating the laws of the Sabbath and Festivals as they relate to animals. The reader will learn that the Sabbath, that weekly day of rest, applies not only to human beings but also to the beasts of the field. The rabbis of the Talmud discuss extensively the degree to which the laws of the Sabbath may be violated for the purpose of rescuing an animal in danger. From feeding an animal on the Sabbath to putting a fish back into its tank, Jewish law displays a distinct snesitivity to the animal and the its dependence upon man for its well being.